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Research Portfolio

Research Portfolio

Welcome to Arizona Engineering Research! It is our pleasure, and our mission, to share the work we
do in research and graduate education -- work that is promoting economic development, changing
people’s lives in the most important ways, and playing a major role in the education of our students.

UA College of Engineering Research Review
Arizona Engineering Research showcases the flagship projects in the UA College of Engineering’s
rich and diverse portfolio of critical interdisciplinary research. Order your copy now at 520.621.2496

The College research portfolio covers 100 projects with a total annual expenditure of $27 million, representing a 5-to-1 return on our state appropriation.

Our research projects make up a big part of the educational programs for 600-plus graduate students and hundreds of undergraduates working on projects at any given time.

Both our research and our graduates are key economic drivers in Arizona and the nation. Take the number $350 million, for instance. That is the total annual salary in Arizona for the group of UA Engineering master’s and undergraduate degree students who have graduated in the last 20 years.

It is clear that we have a large direct impact on the Arizona economy. And, more and more, quicker and quicker, our researchers are moving their technological advances out of the lab and into practice and the marketplace.

Today’s challenges require expertise in many fields. So we focus our research on interdisciplinary team projects. We connect our capabilities with the challenges that most need our attention. Thus, the work in this report covers four major areas:

  • Sustainability and Infrastructure: water reuse, energy storage, and infrastructure networks
  • Biomedical Systems and Devices: sensors/imaging, biomaterials, and innovative implants 
  • Defense and Homeland Security: explosive detection, active flow control for more efficient flight, cybersecurity, and wireless communication 
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Materials: testing materials in extreme environments, computational models to predict materials properties, and mining logistics

This report also covers the College’s new center ideas in water, energy, the environment, and healthcare as well as tech transfer projects. In conjunction with the UA’s Tech Launch Arizona, we are focusing more intently on innovation and technology transfer. These efforts are indicated in projects ranging from biomedical devices to biofuels to smart thermostats.

It takes a total team effort to support our students and faculty in their research, and we could not achieve all we do without the support of our Engineering Research staff, who help with proposals, contracts, accounting, IT and compliance.

As you read about our work, you will also see how tightly our strengths align with the seven areas of research in the UA’s Never Settle strategic plan. Engineering is key to the UA’s plans, and we will continue to strengthen our roles as a campus engine for bringing ideas to reality and research to practice; a strong partner to our campus colleagues and our industry partners; and an independent generator of solutions for the world’s grand challenges.

Jeff Goldberg
Dean, College of Engineering
University of Arizona